Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Pouring Down Rain and I Want a Pool?

So I live in the Pacific Northwest and we get rain - A LOT of RAIN, but it's o.k. we're used to it and it means we get GREEN - A LOT of GREEN!  Everywhere you look we have GREEN in the hills, valleys and lots of flowers and trees, so I'm not complaining MUCH!  We are definitely privy to four distinct seasons - o.k. so there is a blur between Spring and Summer and sometimes (like this year) Summer takes a while to arrive!  We've only had a few days that have gotten over the 70 degree mark and just when we think Summer is here we wake up to more RAIN, like this morning!

We don't live in the land of everyone has air conditioning and back yard pools but we do have days in the summer that breach the 90 degree mark and since we are very humid year round it does tend to make one swelter when all you have is fans to cool you off!  So.....I want a pool!  I have wanted a pool since I was a little kid.  I remember growing up and one of our neighbors had one of those 4' deep rigid sided above ground pools and it was the best day ever when I got invited to go swimming!  We had one of those smallish 18" deep pools that are so popular nowadays, but our version had metal sides, a pool liner and a plastic rim that kept everything together or at least it was supposed to!  It was just big enough that you could put an inflatable air mattress in it and not much else!

Photo from WalMart
Each year I purchase the "modern day version" of this for my kids which is a snapset pool and costs about $20 - by the end of the season it just works the best if you toss it out!  This version has no filter and you need to take it down and set it back up every couple of days so that you have semi-clean water and you don't completely kill off your lawn!

This year I am going to go for it and finally fulfill one of my childhood dreams and purchase this pool from WalMart:
Photo from WalMart
This version is 18 feet across by 48 inches deep - big enough for adults to swim in and small enough that we can take it down each year and store it!  This version has one of the highest customer review ratings - almost 5 out of 5 stars!  Less than a week to go until I can order it and have it shipped direct to my local store!  So in about 3 weeks time we should have a pool!  I bet our popularity rating in the neighborhood increases.....but pool time will be by invite only!



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  2. Thanks for following my blog Southern Couponer! I'm now following your blog also! Great Website!

  3. So true, you have the rain and it's so dry here. What an awesome blog you have. Thanks for the follow.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

    I too would like to have a pool! First I need a house that isn't owned by someone else with a million rules!! LOL I will have one someday.

    Enjoy your pool when you get it!


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