Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Friday!

Just a little cheer sending your way....can you believe that in less than one week it will be March?  How time flies! 
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Mingle - Business...A Typical Day

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Today I am linking up with Lynsey over at the Party Plan Coach for the Monday Mingle Business Edition.  Every Monday Lynsey posts a new topic and this weeks topic is:
What is daily life like for you? Take us through a “Typical Day In The Life Of You!”
I had to give this one a bit of thought since I don't really think I have a "typical day", since some days my daughter might have dance, another day she might have girl scouts and my other daughter likes to go to the high school football and basket ball games so there are variations day to day, but I will walk you through a typical week day that doesn't involve extra curricular "kid" activities!

I am what is known as a morning person...yep that's right, no alarm clocks for me, I am usually up by 5am every morning!  Mornings are usually when I get the most work done when it comes to my business.  My oldest daughter and hubby usually get up at about 6:30, so that means I have an hour and a half of quiet time all to myself in the mornings.  I spend that time on whatever needs to be done including any one of the following:
  • ~Welcoming new downline consultants to my team.
  • ~Individual team member training.
  • ~Blog posts.
  • ~Facebook page updates.
  • ~Facebook team group updates.
  • ~Tracking mine and team sales.
  • ~Customer correspondence.
  • ~Team member correspondence.
  • ~Designing new fliers, logos, etc.
  • ~Event research & planning.
  • ~Working on my own sales/motivational training (Party Plan Divas, Deb Bixler or DSWA articles).
  • 6:30 -7:30 ~Getting hubby and oldest daughter off to work/school.
  • 7:30 -8:40 ~Getting the youngest daughter ready and off to school.
  • 8:40-9:10 ~Taking care of the dog, then finishing up on any computer stuff.
  • 9:10 -9:40 ~In the shower and getting ready for the day job (I work about 27 hours a week for a sign company).  I have about a half hour commute time to the job.
  • 10:00 - 4 or 5 pm ~Work at the day job.
  • 5:30 or so ~Get home, make dinner, help with homework, clean/straighten house.....this part of the process usually lasts until about 8 to 8:30.  Sometimes I don't get home until as late as 6:30 if I have to run errands after work.  
Once all of the family/house stuff is done I usually either try to read or maybe watch T.V. for a bit.  Sometimes I make it back on the computer.  I usually go to bed about 11 pm every night (I seem to function the best on about 6 hours of sleep). 
Weekends are usually open and family activities will take precedence over business, but I do usually still manage to get my morning time in.  In the Spring/Summer I do a few outdoor vendor events/fairs.  I don't do a lot of parties, but I would like to change that (I have focused a large portion of my business on recruiting/training/mentoring).  I would like to shuffle things a bit so that I can focus as much time on my customers/hostesses. 

I can tell from looking at my own schedule that the one thing that I don't usually schedule time for is phone calls!  That should change in about 2-3 weeks.  We bought our house three and a half years ago with the lower half of the house unfinished.  We are almost done with the downstairs (we are doing everything ourselves and learning as we go).  Once we are done I will be able to have a dedicated office/craft room!  Being able to shut the door and shut out distractions will go a long way towards being able to schedule and make phone calls.  Not to mention that I will actually be able to organize and have everything at my fingertips instead of here, there and everywhere I can find room......
If I have managed to get this far without a dedicated office space - just image what I will be able to do once I have one!  I am looking forward to breaking out of my own shell and moving forward!

Until next time, take care!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day 2013!

Today promises to be a busy day so I wanted to take a couple of minutes to wish each and everyone of you a Happy Valentine's Day!

Every year we try to do a Special Valentine's Day Dinner.  I do up the whole table, each family member gets a little pile of goodies and a great time is had by all.  Here is a look into one of our past Valentine's Day Celebrations!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

*Deal of the Day - Beef Stroganoff

Fall in love with our version of this popular Russian dish. Complete with our delicious country style noodles, sour cream beef sauce and mushrooms! A hearty dish that's welcomed with a salad and our Scrumptious Soda Bread or Honey Cornbread Mix. Just add water and round steak.   This is one of my all time favorites and it tastes just like you made it from scratch!  As an added bonus all of our mixes have no added preservatives or MSG so you can feel secure that you are feeding your family a wholesome meal - even if you didn't take hours to prepare it!

*Deal of the Day items are not eligible toward free host items or available on party orders*

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(Product # 242D) 

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - 5 Minute Egg

I am the self proclaimed "Queen" of improvise.....soft boiled eggs and no egg cups?  Not a problem!
The Dog Can Never Resist the Camera........
No Egg Cups - No Problem, I used Shot Glasses Instead!
We don't drink very much so at least the shot glasses are getting some use!

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Monday, February 4, 2013

I Turned My Coat Closet Into Our Pantry

Although we bought our house brand new one of the things it was lacking was a pantry and since kitchen cupboard space is tight I had to put my creative thinking cap on.....
I am the Queen of re-purposing and making do with what I have so, it didn't take very long before the creative wheels were turning and I decided to turn our hall coat closet into a pantry.
At first Hubby and I were going to put in actual shelves, but when we looked at the framing pictures we realized that two of the closet walls did not have any sort of structural support that we could attach shelf supports to.  Attaching the supports to sheet-rock and then putting canned goods on those shelves seemed like a recipe for disaster.  We decided to go with pre-fab shelving.  We ended up with a hodge-podge of different shelves but I made it work and every inch of the closet it utilized.  Next on the agenda is some kind of lighting for the pantry - as you can see it is very dark!
Our coat closet pantry

Upper half of the "pantry".  Notice the "Sikkens" shelving unit -
I "stole" it from the hubby.

I used a shoe/jewelry organizer for all of the small mixes

Lower half of the pantry.....yes, it still could use some more "organization",
but it works for me!

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