Monday, September 17, 2012

September = Busy Season!

Fall and specifically September is always a busy time around our house - school starts back up and we have a bunch of birthdays during the month of September! My daughter has a birthday this month, so does my dad and my mother in law and I am now a Great Aunt with the arrival of my nephew's brand new son! Then there is always the school activities like open houses, school photos, girl scouts, and the school football games!
First Day of School Bus Line Up!
Country Gourmet Home Wickless Wax Melts
I have been so busy with my Country Gourmet Home business that I haven't had a chance to do any blogging on my site and I apologize! Country Gourmet Home just went through some major changes, including a brand new consultant plan, multi-level earnings from our downline team members and so much more!

 Of course the cat and dog always try to vie for being the center of attention. I think my cat wins the prize on this one though. I had set up a display so that I could take some photos of our Country Gourmet Home wax melts.....the pictures turned out pretty good.  I had this whole back drop display set up so that I could get the dark contract going as well as making it easy to edit the images. Several boxes stacked up covered by a dark green velvet type material. Once I got done taking all of my pictures I put the melts away and went to the computer to upload the pictures. Once I had the pictures uploaded this is what I found when I turned around to look at the kitchen table (where the display structure was still set up).

Jasper, the King of Our Castle!
Jasper.....who thinks he is all that!
Gotta love that cat - both he and our dog are an endless source of amusement at our house - never a dull moment around here!

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