Monday, November 4, 2013

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 1 & Day 2 (Brown & Stuffed)

If you happened to catch yesterday's post you know what this is all about....I am participating in a contest that A Bowl Full of Lemons is sponsoring - two things that I love - Planners and Contests!

Day 1: Brown 

Day 2: Stuffed

♥ Luv From KerrieLynn, The Mix Gal

Friday, November 1, 2013

November Planner Challenge Contest

I love to organize and I am still old school enough that although I like technology - there is still something satisfying about writing things down in my good old fashioned planner. 

Image used by permission from a Bowl Full of Lemons
I am the same way with books - although I would love an e-reader, I still love the feel of holding an actual book in my hand while I am reading. I recently discovered a great blog, A Bowl Full of Lemons written by Toni Hammersley and group of peeps that shares my love of planning and decided to participate Toni's November's Planner Challenge.

The rules are simple - take a picture that represents the category shown for that day and post that picture!  We don't even have to take the pictures in order and the topic is open for our interpretation.  Toni even offers a free planner insert to help you track your progress.  I will be posting pictures on my blog as the month goes along - I invite you to participate and/or follow along in my progress.

Happy Planning!

♥ Luv From KerrieLynn, The Mix Gal