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Recipe: Golden Puff Donut Balls

Homemade donut balls ~ can you say YUM! Yesterday was just one of those overcast kind of dreary days so I decided that donuts would help brighten it up....little did I know the work that would be involved. Instead of using a pot on the stove and attempting to heat oil and regulate the temperature (a scary prospect since I am always afraid of starting an oil fire) I decided to use my deep fryer.

Normally this would not be a cause for concern but it had been a few months since I last used it and it was buried in the cupboard. After standing on my head and removing all of the pots and pans onto the floor so that I could dig the deep fryer out of the cupboard, I finally managed to drag it out! But yuk, since I had not used it for quite a while it was in desperate need of a thorough cleaning ~ both the fryer and the oil. Daunting yes, but I wanted those donuts, so I set to work.

One hour later I had both a clean fryer and clean oil (or as clean as I could get it). The kitchen however was another story, I had oil drips on the floors, counters and parts unknown, so I cleaned the kitchen. O.K., ready to go, no not quite yet, I had to find a donut recipe. I scoured my vintage cookbooks and trusty recipes handed down to me from my Mom and finally found what I was looking for ~ a recipe for "Golden Puffs".

But wait, I didn't have all the ingredients....Nutmeg, why don't I have Nutmeg? Hmmm lets see, Pumpkin Pie Spice, it has Nutmeg in it so lets go for it. Single recipe?  Naw let's do double. I set to work mixing up and modifying as I went and finally I had a mix I could work with. Without further ado, here are the results.

(yield 2 1/2 dozen)

2 Cups Flour                                  1/4 Cup Oil
1/4 Cup Granulated Sugar              1 tsp. nutmeg (substituted 1/2 tsp. Pumpkin Pie Spice +
                                                                             1/2 tsp. Cinnamon)
3 tsp. Baking Powder                     3/4 Cup Milk
1 tsp. Salt                                      1 egg (beaten)

Heat oil (3-4") to 375 degrees in deep fat fryer or heavy kettle. 

Measure flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and nutmeg into bowl and mix together.  Add oil, milk and egg.  Beat by hand until smooth.  Add more milk if needed to make a very wet bead dough consistency.
Drop batter by teaspoon (try to make as round as possible and the size of a grape) into hot fat.  Fry 4-5 at a time for about 3 minutes or until golden brown on both sides (you will probably have to manually turn each over).  Remove and drain on paper toweling.


1/2 Cup Granulated Sugar + 1 tsp. Cinnamon:  Mix sugar and cinnamon together and put into brown paper bag, add 4-5 donuts at a time and shake to coat.  Best when done with warm donuts
1/2 Cup Granulated Sugar:  Add to bag and coat donuts same as above.  Best when done with warm donuts.
1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar:  Complete same as above, however donuts must be completely cool for this to work or sugar will melt.
Frosting Glaze:  Make any favorite frosting recipe, but thin it down to glaze consistency.  Place donut balls onto cookie cooling rack (make sure you have a dip tray under it and drizzle glaze over donuts or dip donuts one at a time into glaze and place on rack allow extra to run off.  You can also add sprinkles after dipping in the glaze.

Constancy should be like a very wet bread batter
Drop by teaspoon into hot oil
They really puff up in size, so only cook a few at a time
Make sure to turn them over to cook both sides
Allow to "rest & drain" onto paper toweling
Add garnishes
Best if eaten while still warm........yummy!
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