Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Won!

I was recently a Sponsor in the Bless Others With Cards Fan Celebration and not only was I a sponsor but I also entered into several of the drawings, hoping to win a prize.  I always get excited (as I am sure most do) about the prospect of winning something (anything), but I usually don't have much luck when entering into any contests....imagine my surprise when I WON a prize from one of the Sponsors ~ a designer no less!  I won $30 worth of free design services from Beguiling Photography & Design !
It took me a little bit to decide on what to have done, but I finally decided on a Primitive County style Thank You card.  You can see the card in the photos section of her page ~ it's the one with the jar in the lower right corner.  I am so happy with the way that it turned out!

During the design process I was poking around the Internet looking for clip art that I liked and I stumbled across a couple of sites, one that featured free fonts and another that had Primitive County Clip art for sale at very good prices.  I purchased a few clip art packages and set to work designing a new button, a banner and my own Thank You card.

Eventually I hope to have Thank You Cards, Invitations, Stickers and Magnets that I can market and sell to other Direct Sales Distributors who are in the same industry as me ~ Gourmet Food Mixes.  There seems to be a distinct lack of specific sales aids out there for those of us who choose this type of business.   During my searches I found sales aids for Candle, Jewelry and Makeup, but virtually none for food.   This is another of my "someday" projects.....I've added it to my virtual list and "someday" I hope to find time to actually do it! 

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