Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kids and Forts

What is it about building forts that kids like so much? Both of my girls (especially the youngest) love nothing better than to build a "fort" in our living room. Quite often my hubby will come home from work to find that there is no kitchen chairs to sit in because they have all been used in the latest fort building endeavor.
Here is the start of the latest fort - notice the kitchen chair.....

The fort is done and provided hours of entertainment, notice the little face
peeking out of the window!

In case you are not a fort building expert, here are the tools that I find to be the most helpful when building "Inside Forts" (outside forts require completely different construction materials) :
  1. Bed sheets, flat queen size work best
  2. Large metal binder clips, for holding it all together.
  3. Kitchen chairs or bar stools, for wall supports
  4. Comfy throw pillows, for interior decor
  5. Reading material, need to have something to do in the fort
  6. Blankie, used for snuggling
  7. Stuffed animals, after all you need visitors to your fort.
Remember when assisting with the "fort build" to make it big enough for an adult, after all you will probably be asked to visit so that your child can show it off (they tend to forgot that you helped them build it). 

If you help build it, they will play in it!  

Feel free to share your "Fort Stories" in my comments section.  Happy Fort Building!

A Tidbit ABOUT ME:
Shhhh, don't tell my kids but I like to build forts - just not every day....it is the clean up that I don't like!

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  1. Forts are the coolest!

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  2. Thanks for visiting! I'm following you back here and on Twitter. I like your blog! And I used to love making forts when I was little :-)

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  5. bwahahahahah my gremlins LOVE forts... but momma HATES the clean up.. lol. Our compromise??? Build it with DADDY... lol Swinging by to thank ya for the follow and follow back.. I look forward to reading more..


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