Sunday, February 13, 2011

What is a Blog Hop? And it's Weekend Hop Time....

It's weekend blog hop time.....

I like to join blog hops as it is a great way to meet new friends and discover new blogs to follow. There are many "Hops" out there to choose from, but the ones that seem to work the best for me are the ones that don't list a bunch of rules that need to be followed. I am fairly new to blogging so it did take me a while to figure out how the whole "Blog Hop" experience works.

This is my take on the blog hop experience.
  1. Each blog hop has a starting point somewhere with the original "host". The host is the one who has the "linky" (the list of all participating bloggers). Sometimes there is more than one host.
  2. The graphic button for the hop should link or take you back to the host when you click on it.
  3. For most blog hops you will need to have either a blog post url or your blog url to add to the linky code.
  4. Some of the hops have rules that you need to follow xx number of blogs or that you have to answer questions etc.
  5. Some blog hops are designed to increase followers, while others are designed to be social and some are a combination of the both.
  6. Generally speaking you will only have a successful blog hopping experience if you leave comments on the blogs that you start following. 
  7. Participating in a blog hop takes time if you want to successfully increase your followers.  Expect to spend a couple of hours following and leaving comments.
  8. When leaving comments you will get the fastest results if you leave the direct link to your blog in the actual comment.  Most comment forms will allow some html formatting so if you want to have a link to your blog that looks like this: KLsCupboard.blogspot , then you can use the following code:
    <a href="PUT YOUR URL HERE" rel="nofollow">PUT THE NAME YOU WANT TO APPEAR HERE</a>
That's all I've got for today, good luck on blog hopping!  These are the Hops I am participating in:

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  4. Hi KerrieLynn. Thanks for sharing. This is a great post...I remember when I started a few months ago I had no idea what a "blog hop" or "linky party" was. Many will appreciate this post. Thanks for stopping by from the “Sunday Strolling Blog Hop”. Following ya now! Have a great weekend. :o)

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  6. Hi Kerrie Lynn, Thanks for stopping by Jewelry4Change. It's funny, when I read your comment, I thought, "How'd she get a link to her page in her comment?" Then I see you've explained it on your post today. :) Thanks for sharing.
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  7. Hmmm, I tried it. I pasted in the code you shared... in my previous comment. It looks like it set up the link to "Jewelry4Change" at the bottom of the comment, but when I click it I get a message that says it can't be found on your blog. What did I do wrong?

    Thanks for your help. :)

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