Monday, February 4, 2013

I Turned My Coat Closet Into Our Pantry

Although we bought our house brand new one of the things it was lacking was a pantry and since kitchen cupboard space is tight I had to put my creative thinking cap on.....
I am the Queen of re-purposing and making do with what I have so, it didn't take very long before the creative wheels were turning and I decided to turn our hall coat closet into a pantry.
At first Hubby and I were going to put in actual shelves, but when we looked at the framing pictures we realized that two of the closet walls did not have any sort of structural support that we could attach shelf supports to.  Attaching the supports to sheet-rock and then putting canned goods on those shelves seemed like a recipe for disaster.  We decided to go with pre-fab shelving.  We ended up with a hodge-podge of different shelves but I made it work and every inch of the closet it utilized.  Next on the agenda is some kind of lighting for the pantry - as you can see it is very dark!
Our coat closet pantry

Upper half of the "pantry".  Notice the "Sikkens" shelving unit -
I "stole" it from the hubby.

I used a shoe/jewelry organizer for all of the small mixes

Lower half of the pantry.....yes, it still could use some more "organization",
but it works for me!

 photo owl3withsignaturebluesmall_zps7fcc1603.jpg

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  1. I like it! great idea especially if you have one of these closets......I have one closet....a tiny coat closet that is under the stairs to the attic....almost too small for coats! we utilize our laundry room and an old set of Dr. office file shelves...the kind that pull out. They are AWESOME! My boyfriend calls it "the store". LOL


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