Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Picnic Table!

Our New Picnic Table From Start to Finish.  I'd like to say that I "helped" my Dad build this, but I was pretty much the "go fetch gal" and "hold the tape measure here gal".  But I did make us a nice lunch of BLTs when we were done and we ate our lunch on our new table!  On a side note my hubby was out of town, otherwise he would have been the "go fetch guy", however I still would have been the official "lunch maker"!
Deck "before", it is a really small deck only about 8' x 10'

Our "High Tech" set up!

Fitting the legs, this was all done with no pattern except
the one floating around in my Dads head!

Holding the legs for the cross bracing,  The legs and cross
bracing were made out of treated 2'x4's.

We brought the legs up to the deck to attach the top slats.
The top slats were made out of composite decking material,
both for stability and weight - it needed to keep my umbrella
in place when it was windy!

Eating lunch on our NEW custom Picnic Table!


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  1. Looks great!! I want to build a long outdoor table soon.


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