Monday, September 12, 2011

So I Gave Ad-Sense a Try.....Same with Google Analytics and Not For Me!

After much frustration with both Google Ad-Sense and Google Analytics I have decided to drop them both and no longer worry about where my "web traffic" is coming from or what my stats are......I mean, really does anyone else besides me really care?  I usually don't do any giveaways except for my own products and I am not seeking paid sponsors nor am I seeking companies to provide me with products that I can review so my actual numbers probably don't matter to anyone but me.  My info shows up when you search for Country Gourmet Home because I have a YouTube account and video about Country Gourmet Home.  I participate in occasional blog hops which gives me new blogs to follow and increases my  readership.  So until someone can explain to me why I need to worry about my "numbers" and "stats" I will probably just refrain from worrying about it.

Then there is the Google AdSense, I have made $11 plus change in the last three months and the annoyance that I face every time I look at the ads between my post far outweighs any money I have made.  If that wasn't enough I will never see any of that money until I have made $100, so if it takes me 3 months to make $11 then it would take me  just over 2 years before I see $100 accumulate.  Hmmm, I don't think so.  So as of today I am taking back my blog and making it mine and only mine.  I will post links to blogs I like, info about Country Gourmet Home, Affiliate and Membership Links and I will write posts on anything my heart desires and not because I should or it is what everyone else is doing!

So I am welcoming myself back to the Blogging World and plan to stay true to what I want to do, because I can!