Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Vintage Style

I love all things vintage and the older the better!  I recently ran across a series of Project Gutenberg books which relate to cooking and I was able to pull these images from a variety of books. I love imagining what a typical day in their lives might have been.  I am sure in some ways easier than ours, but I am sure that many ways much more difficult than the lives we live today.

Old farmhouse - you can barely see the outline of what appears to be the barn on the right.

Look at all the detail on these dishes.

Actual cookbook cover.  Although I did not show any photos, many of the recipes were shown along with a photograph of the person who submitted the recipe -  I imagine that having their photo in the cookbook was a very brave thing to do given the subject matter "Suffrage"
Ladies at tea, this has obviously been re-colored but I like it anyway!
Advertising from one of my favorite food groups: CHOCOLATE!


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