Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Am I THAT Different?

I know it has been a bit since I've posted anything new, but life has a way of getting busy and the next thing you know you don't have time to do the things you love to do! I try really hard to not "over commit" myself and it seems that no matter how hard I try I always find myself in the land of "too much to do". I am sure that this is something that most Moms do to themselves and I am probably not unique or alone in my "over abundance" of commitments! I think I am just being a tad maudlin today as well......first day back to the day job after a four day weekend will do that to you I suppose. It also doesn't help that it is a kind of Grey and overcast morning - where's my sunshine?

To top off the feeling sorry for myself mode that I currently find myself in I discovered that I am probably unique. Why do I think I am unique? Well I have this blog you see and I have a Facebook page that goes along with it and occasionally I will look at who is following me - imagine my surprise when I discovered that many of my family and close friends don't follow what is important to me. I try really hard to support anyone who has a FB Page or Blog - even if the subject matter is not one that I am particularly interested in. Am I unique? I just don't know.

Even at 47 years old I guess I still have things to learn that I should have learned long ago...... I personally think we all struggle in our own unique ways, trying to find our path in this world and remembering this is a hard concept for some people to learn. Just because you don't think something is important or it seems silly to you please remember that your action or non-action can cause someone to get their feelings hurt and you may not even know it! My Mom taught me a long time ago to "think about what you do before you do it" and in this busy, crazy mixed up world I think this is more important than ever.

 Total subject change......I finally broke down and ordered myself a new camera - yeah for me.

I am still a novice photographer but I think I will be able to shoot some awesome pictures with this camera. It has an "auto" feature for the camera challenged (like me) but it will let me work into learning all the fancy settings when I am ready for it. My current digital camera has a 4x optical zoom and are you ready for this.....my new camera has a 28x optical zoom and a micro setting for the close ups that will allow me to get within 1cm of my subject matter and it has a low light setting - I will finally be able to capture all of my kids school moments!Just look at how awesome it is...I cannot wait to get this camera in my hands and start seeing what it can do! My son just got married in Las Vegas and he and his wife will be having a wedding reception once they get home so I plan on running this camera through the paces during the reception!

I will definitely be letting you know how it works out. Maybe I will even take some pics using my old camera and then take the same pics using the new for a side by side comparison!

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