Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowbound and Getting Cabin Fever!

The view from my kitchen deck - this was taken on Tuesday the 17th - our
first significant snow of the year!
We've been rocked with some pretty wild weather here in the Pacific Northwest this past week - snow, low temperatures and wild wind with gusts up to 50 miles per hour.  Needless to say it is a winter wonderland with snow drifts and wind chill temperatures at minus 15 (and lower).  The kids have enjoyed "Snow Days" this whole week since the schools have been closed.  It wasn't so bad earlier in the week when the kids could get outside to play, but then the winds started up yesterday and the temperatures dropped - I think we all have a small dose of cabin fever.  Our dog is even suffering....she just can't understand why Daddy isn't taking her out for her nightly walk - goofy dog!  She is a short hair Beagle/Pit mix - not a breed that does well in the cold, although she does love to play in the snow (it's the being wet that she hates).
Our "Bella" enjoying a romp in the snow!
I was excited to be able to get out last night and make a trip to the grocery store - I froze and I had to dive on "ice roads" but at least I got out and got to see people other than the hubby and kids! It's the small things in life that I take for granted and boy do I appreciate them when they are denied for any length of time!
Poor birdies - no food for them, this is our bird feeder that you see peeking out of the snow!  It has since become completely covered in snow.
Another view from my deck.....the train that usually runs twice a day (tracks are just beyond the trees) hasn't even been running - when it's too frozen for the train it is a good indicator that it's too cold for me!
 I will venture out today, the wind is still blowing but the temps are starting to warm up (it's 18 degrees right now, but supposed to get up in the low 30's).  I am so thankful I don't live in an area where this kind of crazy weather is normal - I can take it in small doses, but I will never be a "cold weather gal"........

Stay safe and warm everyone!  Spring is just around the corner......
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  1. We have the same thing right now...lots of snow and it is -17 here right now. I am in northern Wisconsin...

    1. Minus 17 is cold! We had our wind chills down that low and it is definitely not normal for around here. Today is another no school day because of the snow - the kids haven't been all week! It is supposed to warm up today and transition to rain this evening and tomorrow and then we have to worry about flooding! Thanks for stopping by and stay warm and safe.....



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