Monday, January 9, 2012

Almost Home......

Right after we moved in....our brand new furniture.  This view is from the
living room looking towards the back of the house (Kitchen & Dining area).
I have been so busy around my house that I haven't had time to compile any new posts in just over a week!  They do say that "Time Flies When You Are Having Fun" and I have been having so much fun lately.....
Standing in the Dining room looking
towards the front of the house.
Are you curious as to what I've been doing?  The not so fun part:  putting away all of my Christmas decorations.  The fun part: as I have been putting away the decorations I have been slowing re-arranging furniture and putting up new vignettes ~ no I have not taken any photos yet because everything is not "just right" yet.  Once I get the furniture situated and see what I have to work with I plan on taking a trip to our local thrift store to pick up some new decorative pieces.  All of these new blogs that I have found have given me so much inspiration to work with. I know Rome wasn't built in a day so I will have patience and add to my house one special piece at a time.

Looking at our plain fireplace and walls.
Right now I have a pretty blank canvas to work with and I've arranged the furniture in both the living room and the dining room in a totally new way.  I cannot believe that in two and a half years of living in our house that I have not done this arrangement before now........both rooms seem so much more spacious and open!  Since our house is so new it has the "open concept" going on - which boils down to the living room is open to the dining room and the dining room is open to the kitchen.  None of the spaces are very large and I have quite a few furniture pieces (some of which will go into my new craft room once it is completed) so it does tend to feel pretty tight at times.  Our house is about 2,000 square feet but right now we are doing most of our living in the upper floor which is only about 1,100 square feet (similar to apartment size).  The downstairs of our house is a work in progress - once it is complete we will have two more bedrooms, a small recreation room (the Man Cave) and a laundry room/bathroom combo.  We are 3/4 of the way through the sheet rock stage and we are trying to the work ourselves, neither hubby or I are very adept at these types of things (we have been learning as we go) so it has been a long process.

We will get this project done and hubby has promised me that it will be done before the summer is over this year ~while optimism is great, I still have the "We Will See" attitude..........

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