Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Daughter's Room ~ Before -n- After....

We watched our house being built two years ago and finally moved in to our first home the end of June 2009, it has been a long process (room by room) painting and decorating each room.  To date we only have the living room completely painted and decorated and now my youngest daughter's room (what can I say, we're a little slow at this process I take too long to make up my mind).

Here is the progress from pre-move in until yesterday when we finally got it done!

This was taken about a month after going under contract
Taping Done

Painting done, still need trim & doors

All done ~ one week before move-in

Kaylee enjoying her room

Hubby ready to take on painting...(did I mention
that he HATES to paint)

Kaylee helping with the painting.  She choose pink & purple paint.

Daddy's little helper

Still painting....

I just wish she would clean her room this diligently!

Entrance into her room, note the butterflies on the door....
they are cute, but they are serving a higher purpose by masking
the hole that Kaylee put in the door!

Every Little Princess needs a "Little Princess" switch cover.

and a Princess Kaylee sign...

The closet, de-constructed....I removed the doors
for easier access and to make the room look
larger.  Hubby hates it, but.........
Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Smiling at the "Top of the World"

Under the loft bed

The desk
Kaylee surveying her "domain"
Needless to say, we now have one daughter who is happy to spend time in her "Little Kingdom".....next project will be the oldest daughter's room, unfortunately she is only in a temporary room while "her" room is being constructed.  At this point we have the framing and sheet rock done, but still need to tape, paint, install flooring, trim, closet hardware, light fixtures and the list goes on!

The next before -n- after will probably be the kitchen (I hope), so until then......
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  1. What a fun room! I love the Princess switch plate and, of course, all of the pink. :)

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  2. Loving the pink - every girl's dream room for sure!

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