Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Strange Happenings

I was up way too late last night messing around with my blog......
I was trying to find a better set of social sharing icons than the standard ones that came with my blog and finally found ShareThis.com which allowed me to customize exactly which buttons I wanted to appear on each post and I was easily able to add it to my blog without having to go into my blog's HTML coding!

So I got it all added and then was messing around with some of my older posts updating my signature line and the strangest thing happened......

I have been using blogger on and off for over two years and have never had this one happen to me....

Suddenly all of my sidebar gadgets were floating at the bottom of all of my posts!  My footer was still where it was supposed to be.  I went into the Design/Layout section of my blog and it still showed my sidebar off to the right where it should be.  Although I love a good challenge, I was not impressed!

  • First I tried "restoring" my blog from a previous backup when I new that the blog was working fine - that failed, all of the sidebar gadgets were still at the bottom of my posts.  So I knew it wasn't a problem with my HTML coding.  Then I tried going into my design section and changing the layout so that my sidebar would be on the left instead of the right and that didn't work either.  

  • I then noticed something else strange - notice how I have an outline box around each of my posts?  All of my posts looked fine except the last two, I had the very last post embedded within the second to last post.  In other-words, the last post still had a box around it, but the second to last post had a box all the way around it and the last post, so it was a box within a box.   

  • As a last ditch effort I thought something must be wrong with my last post so I changed it to draft and looked at my blog again and I still had the same problem......Hmmmm, something very strange was going on.  As a last ditch effort I decided that maybe the problem was that I the "share this" gadget would not allow me to have so many posts on my front page (I had 7 showing).  So I changed it to show only 6 and still had the same problem.  I then went in and changed it 5 with the same problem and then tried 4 posts showing.  The MAGIC number seems to be 4 posts since my blog magically aligned and put everything where it should be.

I am still not sure if this was a quirk of the "Share This" gadget or something else going on with a post or just some strange bloggy behavior, but I decided to work with only having only four posts showing!  Needless to say I had to move some of my sidebar gadgets around since with only four posts showing my sidebar ended up quite a bit longer than the posts and it looked funny.  So after some final shuffling around this morning, I ended up with my blog looking like this.

Now I am operating on about four and a half hours of sleep (darn blogger), but it's really my own fault since one of my quirks is that once I am presented with a problem like this I HAVE to solve it or it would have driven me crazy!

So my question for you is this ~ have you ever had your blog go crazy like this or do something else that you had a hard time figuring out?  What did it do, please share so I don't feel so alone in this crazy blogging world!


Darn blog.....I discovered that if I went to older posts the second page was doing the same thing that my first page was doing.  I think I nailed the problem down to a particular post and once I changed the date on that post the whole blog problem seemed to be resolved.  I am now back to showing 6 posts on each page and everything is where it should be!

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  1. I don't worry too much about my rarely-visited (by me or others) blog.....Even if something weird happened, I probably wouldn't notice. I am computer illiterate enough that I would just let it og after about 5 minutes though I think. LOL

  2. I love learning how to do things on my blog and my computer, but it can be frustrating. I like to know WHY, and sometimes there doesn't seem to be an answer or it can take a LOT of time. I much prefer for everything just to work the way it is supposed to. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!


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