Friday, January 18, 2013

Hot Chocolate Shooters

I found a fun idea to make and give out at Christmas this year - hot chocolate shooters! They looked like they would be cute and easy to make, but finding the containers (my daughter says they look like test tubes) required a bit of research. I persevered and found them online at a company called SKS Bottle and Packaging Inc. The bottles that I choose were #0890-17 and came packaged with 48 tubes and lids for $22.18 plus shipping (my total cost was $27 plus change). Each of the tubes will hold slightly less than 1/4 cup of hot chocolate - just the right amount for one standard size cup of hot cocoa! I created some cute little hanging tags for the directions, added a tube each of both chocolate and vanilla mini marshmallows along with a tube of crushed up peppermint bits, wrapped the whole thing with a ribbon and taa-daa, I think the end result turned out pretty fantastic!

These were simple enough to make that the kiddos could help too. I am thinking that the addition of cinnamon bits would be great for Valentine's Day!

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