Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back From My Break!

I took a little time off from both blogging and Facebook due to an extremely busy family schedule.  I love having a work at home business that allows me the flexibility to take a break when I need it! 

I have added a new feature also - you can now sign up for my monthly newsletter (click on the Newsletter Signup button to the right) which will feature recipes, tips and more from me - The Mix Gal!

I am still working on organizing and setting up my new office space and one I have it complete I will be posting some before and after pictures as well as pictures of the process.  I have never had my own office/craft room before so you would not believe the amount of stuff I have managed to accumulate over the years and it all has to be organized.  Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to best organize it until I "weed out" all of the junk and donate items - and I have a lot of those!

I think I have the organizational systems down for the smaller items - they will be stored in a combination of clear plastic shoebox size containers and mason jars!  I went out and bought 10 of the shoebox containers and yes, I do have enough stuff to fill them all!

Stay tuned for pictures coming soon and thanks for your patience while I wade through this mess!
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