Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday at the Mall....

Yesterday started out like any other Saturday, kind of lazy, sleeping in (except for me), checking on Facebook posts & comments and writing a couple of blog posts.  That particular Saturday however was not to be our typical Saturday.....we had scheduled a mall marathon of school clothes shopping....just Mom, Dad and our almost 13 year old Diva in Training.  Of course we couldn't go to the local mall ~ no sir, we had to drive an hour and a half away to go to a "larger" mall with more shopping and spending options!

Now I have to tell you, first of all I am not now, nor have I ever been someone who enjoys shopping with others, my ideal shopping trip is solo.....I don't need anyone else to tell me if the pants I want make my rear look big ~ I know how to look in a mirror and I'm not afraid to use it!  Shopping with more than myself tends to drive me insane as I usually don't get everything done that I want to do, I guess I am not much of a collaborative shopper!

We dropped the youngest off at Grandma's house and finally hit the road around 11:30!  Traffic wasn't too bad and we made it to the mall after about an hour and twenty minutes.  The weather was warm (hovering around 80 degrees or so) but not to worry we knew there would be air conditioning!

Our first stop was productive (if video games count as school clothes)......Game Stop, really??  Not my idea of fun on any day, but I was out voted by little miss Diva and Daddy.  After a half hour in the store with not a chair in site, we were finally ready to go!

We wandered in and out of so many stores that I lost track of time and direction.....the only thing I didn't loose track of was my feet!  You see my daughter insisted that I had to wear my "cool shoes" and not my everyday comfy Sloggers (even the hubby voted for my cool shoes).
My Sloggers are Blue, I'm thinking Zebra for the next pair???  Anyway I digress, back to the story at hand. 
Two pairs of jeans and one t-shirt later ~ we all decided to eat a late lunch.....Three people and one food court, hmmm....choices, choices! We decided to all get our food from the same place to save some time....Of course, I think only the D.I.T. (Diva in Training) got to eat where she wanted, Mom and Dad caved!
Got the food, sat down and realized, hey no air conditioning, isn't this fun!  My theory is the mall decided that with no air conditioning you can pack in the people and they will clear out quick and go back to shopping (which we did).

Back to the shops we went, like good little sheep following the D.I.T.  Finally, thank the Lord, we had a total of 3 pairs of jeans, 5 t-shirts, socks and shoes!  Time to EXIT the Mall!  At this point everyone was grumpy as we had been at the Mall for just over 4 hours!  Got on the Freeway and all voted to find the nearest Starbucks, which we found in record time.....we live in the Pacific Northwest where coffee shops and drive-through coffee stands can be found every couple of miles!

Starbucks was the highlight of my day!  Vente Cafe Mocha, yum!  Caffeine, yum!  Block everyone out, yum!
Look at these "Stats.... my body was in caffeine and chocolate heaven.
Thank you Starbucks!

Back on the road again, picked up the youngest from Grandmas, arrive at home, take off shoes, feed dog, hubby walk dog, feet up on couch and..........wait for it..........have D.I.T. try on the small fortune in clothes we just bought from the Mall now located an hour and a half away from our now you are already guessing the end of the story!  Jeans, fit, check.  Shoes, fit, check (we did try those on in the store).  Socks, fit, check.  T-shirts, fit........wait, back it up ~ all five t-shirts didn't fit it seems our D.I.T. is growing up!

Not only were they too small, the nice lady helping us at Aeropostle decided it would be a wonderful surprise to leave one of those BIG, WHITE, SECURITY TAGS ON ONE OF THE T-SHIRTS!  Why we did not set off the alarms when we left the store, I will never know!

The good news.....the T-shirts can be exchanged at stores in our local mall.

The bad news #1: I have to go back to the Mall.

The bad news #2:  Why did we drive an hour and a half away to go to the same stores that our local mall has???

The bad news #3:  I guarantee that the security tags will work when we go into the mall and we will set off the alarms!  It's Murphy's Law and it's the law of school clothes shopping!

Until next time.....


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