Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pool is Done!

I posted a while ago that I was finally able to realized one of my Dreams......the purchase of a large above ground pool!  We finally got it installed, up and running.  Here is a little photo montage of the progress!
The first step was to level the yard ~ we used sand.  The youngest daughter
had to play in the pool while it was filling up!
View from the deck above, daughter is still playing!

Still filling up - overall it took about 9-10 hours to fill.

Proud Hubby - it's almost full (we had to finish filling it the next morning)!
All Done!
Daughter playing in the pool....it's still too cold for me!  The pool is 18 feet diameter
at the base and 15 feet at the top.  The overall depth is 48 inches, but you only fill it to
about 42 inches ~ plenty of room to still swim around!


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