Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rafflecopter Open for 48 Hours

For those of you who have been patiently waiting for an invite from Rafflecopter, maybe because (like me) you didn't take advantage of it when it first came out because you didn't do that many giveaways or you wanted to take a sit back and see how it works approach.......there is great news from Rafflecopter!

Since Rafflecopter just passed the 2,000 fan mark on Facebook they are opening up the software for the next 48 hours (posted 17 hours ago, so you had better hurry). 
You can find out more here: http://blog.rafflecopter.com/2011/08/2000-fan-celebration

I still don't do many giveaways, but I have one coming up and I was not looking forward to having to run my own giveaway! Thanks Rafflecopter, I look forward to having you at my disposal!


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