Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Past & Present

This post was originally published last year and rather than do a new one for this year I thought I would just share this again. The ornaments that are shown here are on the tree again this year and continue to be family favorites. As you can tell from the images, photography is not one of my strong points. I am hoping that Santa will bring me a new point and click digital camera this year and if not I might just have to start using my oldest daughter's camera!

Our tree is primary done up with Red & Silver and I will be taking some photos of it later today along with photos showing off some of my other Christmas decorations.  I have gotten quite a bit of inspiration this year from the various blogs that I follow so the decorations this year are slightly different than previous years.....the family seems to like what I've done and the youngest is happy now that Santa Claus can visit since the house is decorated!
One of my favorite ornaments.

My cat's new favorite spot.

My hubby bought me a whole set of Thomas Kincaid ornaments,
Snowmen & Santas!

From Christmas Past, this was on my hubby's tree when he was a boy.

Christmas Past, a set of these ornaments were on my Grandma's
tree every year. I used to love laying on the ground
and looking up at them.

Handmade by me, while in MOPs.

A little tree bling and my girls initials.
One of my most precious treasures - handmade by my oldest daughter.

Another precious treasure handmade by my youngest daughter.

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