Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Blogs to Follow!

A special "Thank You" is due to Dawn of Creative Cain Cabin!  I spent an hour this morning cruising through her blogroll and found a bunch of new great blogs to follow!


Most of the blogs that I found have some sort of focus on their homes so I spent the better part of the morning "drooling" over various Christmas displays and finding inspiration in their designs. I invite you to take a look at my blogroll and go check out some of these wonderful blogs for yourself.

As for me I am off to do some more drooling and reading.......


  1. Hi there, DAAwn is a good friend of mine! Isn't her cabin fabulous? Thank you for being my newest follower at Simplify! Now I get to come meet you and read your wonderful blog. Oh the wonderful world of blogging!!

  2. KerriLynn,
    Thanks for the mention, you are so sweet. I just made that new little button and was surprised with I saw it pop up in you post.


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