Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm Tired & Christmas is Creeping Up.....

The house is 95% decorated for Christmas, but I just feel tired this holiday season and can't seem to get fully into the holiday spirit!  Seems like I still have too much on my mind ~ gotta do this, that or the other thing and none of it has to do with the holidays!  Maybe when I get the house finished I will feel more in the holiday groove!

As with many it will be a financially tight Christmas this year so my brain is doing the scramble trying to figure out ways to cut the budget and things I can make!  The hubby is always the hardest to buy  or create something for.  We've been together long enough that I have already made him all of the really neat things I have ran across over the years.  So what do you make for the guy who seems to have everything and no longer collects anything?  He is a techno kind of guy and we are in the process of finishing his man cave (we bought an unfinished house that we are slowly finishing and one of the rooms is the "man cave").  I am thinking something to go in his cave, but not sure what......if anyone has any ideas I'd sure appreciate it!  Gotta dash for now ~

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