Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Photo Montage

Happy Friday - the weekend is almost upon us! I woke up this morning to inside temperatures of only 68 degrees......not cold, but this is the first time in weeks that we have had the temperatures dip so low. The nights are getting dark earlier so I know that even though the calender says that fall is still almost a month away it it creeping up on us! In my house the kids are gearing up for school with new clothes, school supplies, hair cuts - all signs that summer is on the way out and fall is getting ready to make it's appearance.

My business - Country Gourmet Home is getting ready to launch it's new Fall/Winter product lineup and it's new compensation plan too. So many changes and I am looking forward to them like a kid at Christmas! I did manage to snap a few pictures over the summer, so before it is gone I thought I would share a few of my favorites!
Guest Book Display From My Son & Daughter In Law's Wedding
A Rare Mother ~ Daughter Moment....
New Hydrangeas in My Garden
More Garden Flowers ~ I love the Orange!

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