Friday, August 10, 2012

The Pink Tent - Camping in Style

Yesterday was somewhat of a milestone for me.....I dropped my youngest off for her first overnight Girl Scout Camp-out! She has spent the night away from home before, but this felt different somehow ~ maybe it is the sleeping outside in a tent that made it somehow different. As I went through the rest of the day I often caught myself looking at the clock and wondering what she is doing now? 

I stayed long enough to enjoy watching the girls set up their tents......a whole row of Bright Pink two man tents. I was so proud of how well she set up her little sleeping area which included her air mat, pillow, little LED night light and of course her favorite stuffed animal. She definitely inherited her Mama's "nesting" and "organizing" affinities!  
It's almost time to go pick her up and I know I will hear all about the memories she made during her trip and I couldn't be a more proud Mama, but it is bittersweet too ~ she is my youngest and I know that as I watch her reach her milestones I won't get to watch another until I have grandchildren and although watching them will be fun it just won't be the same.

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