Thursday, November 18, 2010

Couldn't Sleep & My Mom Mess Up

My Hubby with My Girls!

Last night was one of those nights where no matter what I did I remained wide awake - not such a big deal if I wasn't a morning person who is usually up to watch the sunrise!  11 pm, came and went, 12 am came and went and finally at 1 am I was sleepy - yeah for checking out the inside of my eyelids.  The attached photo is something that I am using this morning to draw some motovational inspiration from.

Needless to say I overslept this morning (got up at 7 am), so now I already feel like my day is not starting out right.  I usually have the early mornings to myself and with cup of coffee in hand, I take that time to catch up on emails, check the news, the blogs I follow and check facebook for any updates or new "LIKES" on my pages. 
I managed to do a quick check of everything in between child #1 going off to school and child #2 getting up, I am somewhat caught up, but I still feel "somewhat off."

One of the things that I do each morning is take the time to read the blogs I follow, I am not sure if that is a good thing or not, some of my fellow bloggers have a gift of putting words together and while I find their writing style inspirational, I realize that being an inspirational writer is not something that I possess.  Getting my thoughts from my brain to flow down to my fingers is something I struggle if I was able to do a verbal blog, then watch out!  I know I could do video blogs, however since most of my blogging is done in the early morning, trust me no one wants to see what I look like at 5 am! 

I was reminded last night of one of my Mom mess ups......every year my kids get school pictures taken at school; the photographer takes their photo whether or not we are purchasing pictures.  I am not sure what happened this year, but somehow I did not get (or could not remember getting) the photo order form for my youngest daughter, therefore her photo was taken but we don't have any pictures to show for it!  My youngest is now armed with the fact that she has no second grade school pictures because Mom messed up!  I am sure that she will remember this for the rest of her life and will remind me of it whenever she messes something up! 

I was thinking re-takes, but found out that re-takes are only available if the child was absent or their original photo was somehow messed up (closed eyes, etc).  The photographer does let us go online and order photos, but we have to pay a $10 late charge!  A late charge - for school photos, are you kidding me!  This particular photographer has a monopoly on school photos for our whole county, therefore prices are definitely not competitive!  About  10 years ago we lived in a different part of the state and I remember that school photos in that district were about 40% less than in our current county.  Not only was I surprised at the lower cost, but when we got our photos I was amazed at how good the quality was.  Digital photography is relatively cheap to produce when compared to photos of the past, so why the steep prices?  I guess a monopoly allows you to dictate the market.  I think I have vented enough on this subject......I have a couple of friends who are excellent hobby photographers, I will contact one of them to set up my own school photo retakes!

I almost forgot....check out my newest inspiration, Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman!

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