Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Ramblings...

Another new look for my blog...I decided to try to streamline my blog a little bit, so I removed the background graphic and went with a solid color and cleaned up all of the "extra baggage" that my blog was carrying around.  I follow quite few blogs and I realized that the ones that I like the most are the ones that are the "cleanest" and have the least amount of clutter.  I am not a designer so I wasn't able to manipulate the code to get exactly what I want, but I am close.  Some day I will move to self hosted WordPress and then I can achieve the exact look that I want, but until finances permit me to move I am happy to stay with Blogger - after all Free is FREE!

It's another rainy day in the Pacific Northwest, we had two fairly dry days this past weekend but prior to that I think we are coming close to 2 weeks of rain!  We live in a flood zone so we've got to keep an eye on the county road closures and river flood levels.  Makes travel somewhat interesting to say the least.

Everyone in the family is finally healthy and I think we have the flu kicked out of the house.  Now we are in the midst of catching up on all of the school work, house work, etc. so I had better get back to the house as it is screaming for my attention!


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