Monday, January 17, 2011

FREE Blog Helps - Backgrounds, Buttons, Resources & More!

Not too long ago I was a beginner blogger - my previous experience had been with self hosted WordPress, which is a different world than Blogspot. I knew what I wanted my blog to look like and I had an idea of what was out there in regards to FREE Resources, but I had no idea on how to find anything (first you have to know the appropriate "blog language" to know what to search for).

I spent many hours to get to where I am today with my blog. Along the way I discovered many FREE resources, which I am happy to share with you today. Some of these I use on my blog and some I do not. I don't advocate any particular resource over another - just passing along the information that I found.  
FREE  Backgrounds, Buttons, Headers & Blinkies:

The following sites all have free blogger backgrounds, some also have buttons, blinkies & headers. Click on the buttons to go to their sites.

This site also has a listing of other sites that offer free backgrounds



FREE Disclosure & Creative Commons License:

If you are in need of a disclosure policy or creative commons license, you can check out my Disclosure/Policy Page, both my disclosure & creative commons license were a free resource that I found on the web.

FREE Information on How to Create Your Own Button:
Tutorial on how to create your own button with text box code underneath 

FREE to Join Networking Sites:
Click on the buttons to go to their sites.

Business 2 Blogger

Find Me On BlogFrog!

a mom blog community!

FREE to Join Book Reviewer Site:
Click on their button to go to their sites. I was able to join this site with no previous book review experience and with only a small number of followers on my blog. I have already received my first book and I am in the process of reading it (they send you free books and in exchange you have to provide a written review).

More Information:

One of my pet peeves is clicking on a link (either from my site or someone else's) and having that link open up in place of the page I was looking at. There is a simple code to remedy that, you can view the tutorial here. The trickiest part is knowing where/how to place the code so that it works properly - it will also require more time as you will have to edit HTML on your posts and insert the code. I personally think that the extra time I spend doing this is worth it so the reader is not taken away from my page!

I hope I saved you some time & headaches today by sharing some of the information that I have found.

Happy Blogging!


  1. Thanks for the invite. You have a very interesting and creative blog. Thanks for the invite!

  2. THANK YOU!!! I've been wanting to make a few change on my blog, and this helps a great deal!


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