Friday, January 14, 2011

One of Those Days-

My little female Harry Potter, usually all smiles. 
It started last night at about 8:30 pm - my youngest one was down for the count with the stomach flu.....she spent 14 hours battling it before her stomach finally settled enough to keep anything down.  It's 5:15 in the evening and this is the first time that I have been on the computer today - I feel like I have lost a day out of my life from lack of sleep and worry.  She is sleeping now, but the fever still shows in her face.

Having a sick child is one of the many challenges that Moms have to face - spending the night half asleep but waking at the smallest sound reminded me of the days when I first brought her home from the hospital.

Our children are the greatest joy in our lives, but the joy that we feel is quite often balanced out by the trials that we face in the raising of them.  I am not new to motherhood, in fact my oldest is 23 so I know that for each one of these more difficult times there will be plenty more good times ahead.  I am tired, but I am Mama so I will be there for her through this and I wouldn't have it any other way.
This too shall pass.



  1. I am sorry that your family is dealing with a bug. We have had pink eye and a nasty cold around here. Hope everyone feels better soon.

  2. Thanks Kristine, we're getting there!


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