Monday, October 3, 2011

My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software Review & Giveaway!

UPDATE: Contest has ended, Winner has been chosen and notified!  Congratulations to Amanda!

I was approached a while back about doing a review of My Memories Digital Scrap-booking Software, I hesitated since I don't normally do reviews for products other than those I sell.  I thought to myself, "Before I do this I need to find out more about digital scrapbooking and what My Memories has to offer".  I love playing around with graphics on my computer but I am completely untrained and everything I create is in Publisher or Paint, needless to say I did not even know that such a thing as digital scrapbooking existed, let alone how to use it.  I have tried my hand in the past with paper scrapbooking, but found it to be very expensive and very time consuming.  I think I still have paper scrapbooking materials packed away somewhere, but like many busy Mom's out there, I just don't have the time or space to commit to scrapbooking the old fashioned way.

So when the offer from My Memories Suite came, I was intrigued to say the least.....I could save time, still play with graphics on my computer and save money!  I decided to jump in with both feet so to speak and activated my promo code so I could download the software and give it a try.  The first thing I noticed was that I was able to instantly download the software, it didn't take much time and was a breeze to get started.  Like I said earlier, everything I know about playing around with graphics on the computer has been self taught hands on learning, I decided that creating with My Memories Scrapbooking Software would be no different!

I decided to really put this software to the test and see what it could creating cards and I even put both my 13 year old and my 8 year old in front of the computer and had them create something!  I had to give my 8 year old a little direction, but I am embarrassed to say that my 13 year old picked it up even faster than I did (as she does with most things computer related).
I could go on and on about this software, but I think this video showcases the scrapbook software quite nicely!  Here’s what’s on the video – 
  • Software Screen Tour – finding your papers and embellishments.
  • website tour (and description of different types of products on the site) 
  • Beginning information on album creation 
  • Introduction to SOME of the tools (and references to the other video tutorials that are available)

If you watched the video you know a little bit more about the software, but thought you might want to see what my girls and I created!
This was my second creation - showing off my business!

My Happy Halloween Card

Created by my 13 year old

Created by my 8 year old

Created by my 8 year old

Created by my 8 year old
What do you think - if an 8 year old can create pages, imagine what you could do with this software!

Now for the FUN part!  My Memories has generously agreed to give one of my loyal readers this software (a $40 value) for FREE and to make it easy for you I am using Rafflecopter so you can easily enter the contest!  There is only one mandatory entry (visiting My Memories Suite, choose your favorite digital paper pack and leave a comment on this post with what you choose).   Make sure your entries are through Rafflecopter, click the Read More button to enter! 

Please be patient, sometimes Rafflecopter takes a little bit of time to load!
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