Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dollar Tree Fall Decorations

Like most Moms trying to balance a family budget I love getting bargains!  No I am not a die hard coupon shopper and I do not buy Sunday News Papers just so I can get the inserts - at $1.50 per Sunday Paper I have to be saving quite a bit (on stuff I need) before I think it is worthwhile!  But, I do love the Dollar Tree and all of the stuff they offer for only a Dollar!  I do have to be careful so I don't nickle and dime myself to death though!

I went to the Dollar Tree the other day and I was thinking of Fall and the need to add some Fall decorating touches to my house, plus I knew that whatever I bought I could incorporate into my table displays for my shows also!  I picked up some fall leaves, a few fake pumpkins and a couple of apples and this is what I threw together.....

I already had the long baskets - another Dollar Tree find!

I had to incorporate both my napkins and salt/pepper
which I keep out on the table.

I was amazed at how "real" the apples looked!

View from above - it looks better from the side (but no one
is tall enough to see it from this view unless they are on a stool).
  I have already re-arranged this  since I took the photos, so now I have a display on the kitchen table and another in the living room......I think my total costs for the whole look was less than $10, not bad especially since I didn't use any glue so it's all able to morph into other arrangements!

Happy Fall!  If you have decorated for Fall and wrote a post about it, please leave me a comment/link so I can drool over what you did.  LOL!