Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Summary - Week in Review (10/22)

Sometimes life gets in the way of trying to write new blog posts so I decided to do a weekly feature every Saturday that sums up my week in a list of 7 highlights!  Someday maybe I can turn this into a Blog Hop if there are enough other Bloggers interested in joining - just let me know Via Email if this is something you might want to participate in - I think that there would have to be two other blog hosts besides myself to make it work!  Without further ado, here is my Saturday Summary:
1.  I had a Country Gourmet open house this past Sunday at my parents church - it was nice having it there instead of my house because it gave me lots of room to spread out and set up lots of products to sample as well as display a lot of our product!  I had a lot of fun and so did all of the guests - of course it helped that I gave away FREEBIES!  I think almost everyone went home with something.

2.  I finished and drew the winner (on Sunday) for the My Memories giveaway that I was hosting - not a huge number of entries, but it was still fun to host - plus I got the Software for FREE in exchange for hosting the Giveaway!

Tablet Time, #TabletTime, Kindle Fire, Kindle
3.  I signed up to be one of the participating blogs for the upcoming Tablet Time/Kindle Fire or $250 cash Sweepstakes, which will happen November 11th through the 25th.  This will be the first Sweepstakes that I am participating in that is pretty sizable and it should generate quite a few new GFC followers and maybe some new Facebook followers too!  I am looking forward to participating.

4.  I took both of my daughter's to the dentist for their semi-annual check ups and cleanings.  The oldest daughter had a great checkup - no cavities and seems to be doing a good job on taking care of her teeth.  I am not sure what happened with my youngest daughter (8 years old) - apparently she has an abscessed baby tooth (molar).   What we thought was a canker sore was in fact an abscess......she must have an extremely high tolerance for pain because she only complained once about two weeks ago!  Now she is on antibiotics and is scheduled to have it pulled on November 2nd.  I am obviously a bad Mommy for not noticing something was wrong.  We are not going to talk about how many other cavities she also has!

5.  I am the secretary for our Homeowner's Association and we had a general meeting on Thursday - we only had about 10 homeowners show up out of it was a small and quick meeting.  Our Treasurer quit because of some family issues so right now I am also the acting Treasurer.  My plate is defiantly getting full!

6.  Fall has definitely struck here in the Pacific Northwest, I am supposed to be taking my youngest to our local Pumpkin Patch (Stoney Ridge Farms) today and the oldest will be going with Daddy to the Scream Fest (haunted house) tonight -we woke up to pouring down rain, but typical of our area, the sun is now shining!  I am also looking forward to buying and eating some fresh Apple Cider Donuts and I'll be buying extras to bring home to share.  I will have to make sure to remember the camera as they (Stoney Ridge Farms) has set up lots of photo staging areas where you can take your own photos for free!

7.  I Finalized my youngest daughter's Halloween costume - this year she is going as a Devil.  The costume itself was so easy since we already had a Red full bodysuit, the tail and the horns - of course we had to buy new "sparkly" horns.  I was looking through some photos from last year's Halloween and realized that she was an Angel last year, which I thought how perfect is that - one year an Angel, the next year a Devil which kind of sums up her personality, which is a combination of both!  Still not sure what my oldest daughter is going to be - she is at that "In Between" stage where she is getting too old for trick or treating but not quite old enough to do anything else!
    I can't believe that I already hit my "Seven Points" which sums up this past week.  I will definitely be continuing with this in the weeks moving forward! Watch for next weeks Saturday Summary to see my week in review!


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