Friday, October 7, 2011

Imagination at Work!

I know that most kids love to build forts....any kind of fort - inside or out!  I think it is programmed into their "nesting" DNA or something.  Normally most of my kid's efforts at fort building take place inside - if I give them a few blankets and sheets and a corner of the living room I have just provided them with hours of entertainment.  Although the end result is fun for them, I think the most fun is in the actual building of the "fort" where the real imagination takes place.

The other day I came home and found this:
 My hubby came home and he just wanted it cleaned up.... I was happy to see it because when I came home I saw my daughter outside surrounded by all of the neighborhood kids and she was directing and supervising the "building".  She was the youngest one there and if they are at my house I know where she's at and what she is doing.  Happy daughter, at home = happy Mama!

The fort is still up, looking a little ragged around the edges, her muddy clothes still need to be washed but I have photos and memories (and so does she) which will outlast the muddy clothes, mad Daddy and the actual fort!  These times are what makes being a kid so fun and special!

I'd love it if you would leave me a comment and let me know what kind of "forts" your kids build!