Saturday, December 18, 2010

Countdown to Christmas: Day 18

Santa Paper 2006
Santa presents!  Every year without fail Santa visits our house and fills up the stockings with little wrapped gifts, candies, fresh fruit and nuts and he leaves new presents under the tree.  Now, we can tell at a glance when Santa has been here, you see Santa Claus doesn't have the same wrapping paper as everyone else!  All of the presents from Santa Claus are wrapped in special "Santa Paper".  The paper many vary from year to year, but it always features Santa Claus and all presents from Santa are wrapped in the exact same paper.
Santa Paper 2007

Santa Paper 2009
I remember once my son said the following to me "Mama, I KNOW that there is a Santa Claus because you don't have any wrapping paper like that!"  He (my son) was old enough that he had helped me wrap some of the relative's presents that year and he was also old enough that he was starting to look for reasons to "confirm" his belief in Santa Claus!  The innocence of youth is something that I helped my kids to hold on to as long as they could as it is a precious and wondrous thing.

Merry Christmas

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