Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Countdown to Christmas: Day 14

Christmas Cards?  Is there anyone out there who doesn't like getting something fun in the mail?  Christmas cards seem to be on the decline these days which I am sure is attributed to the cost of the cards, time involved in signing and addressing and the high cost of mailing.  It seems like the more "hooked up" we are to the computer the less and less we see things like Christmas Cards arriving in the mail.

How many of you remember your childhood and the arrival of December 1st?  Every year starting the first  week of December Christmas Cards started arriving in the mail......many of the cards were filled with newsy letters catching up on the past year and parents showed off their children by including school pictures.

Do you remember the little clothes line string and the little clothes pins to hold all the cards or the Christmas wall hangings with pockets to tuck the cards in?  These days we are lucky if we get enough cards in the mail to tape up on the cupboard doors.  I still try to mail out cards every year, but I must confess that I have had to scale back on the quantity of cards that I mail out, primarily due to the cost of mailing.

Although we are all so connected on the Internet these days I often wonder if the superficial connections that we make have caused us to loose something much more important.  We have so much instant gratification out there that we have forgotten how to wait and anticipate.......

To date we have three Christmas cards hanging up and although I have over 200 "facebook friends" and I am able to send out Christmas Greetings online I will be mailing out Christmas cards this year, so watch for our little piece of Christmas past to arrive in your mailbox.

Merry Christmas!

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