Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Countdown to Christmas: Day 15

Every year when I was growing up our school had a Christmas performance that included songs and sometimes skits.  The performances were usually held during the day and most of the students had parents that attended and a few of the kids even had grandparents that attended.  One year I shared the stage with another as a narrator for the whole performance.  The end of the performance usually included a sing-a-long where everyone joined in.  Going to see my kids in their school performances was something that I looked forward to.

It was to my surprise that I discovered that the school district that my kids attended did not have a Christmas or Holiday program.  They did have a winter program, but it was held in February.  When I inquired why the schools did not have any sort of holiday program I was told (among other things) that they did not want to offend anyone.  So I was left wondering why was it o.k. to offend those of us who wanted one by not having a Holiday Performance - something I am still baffled at today.
Although we moved out the the county a year and a half ago our girls didn't start school out here until just this year.  Let me give you a comparison of the size difference between the school districts.  The school district in the city has 13 grade schools, 4 middle schools and 3 high schools, while the county district we are in has 3 grade schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school.  The number of students at each of the schools is less in the county as well.

Today we were very happy to be able to attend my youngest daughter's Christmas performance at her school!  Apparently the county schools have something that the city schools do not - tradition and belief that the good of the many outweighs the good of the few.  My oldest started school in 1993, so I had to wait 17 years before I was able to see one of my kids sing in a Christmas performance.  She (my daughter) did not understand the significance of her performance, she was just proud to show off to her parents, grandparents and great grandma!
All dressed up for her school Christmas Program

I am so happy and thankful that we took the opportunity to move to the county when we had the chance, we live a simpler, more grounded life surrounded by rich tradition and heritage.
There she row, fourth from the left!

Merry Christmas!

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