Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Countdown to Christmas: Day 7

I wrote a post about this earlier, but since it's one of our Christmas traditions I am including it in my Christmas Countdown.

My Dad lives in the city, but he was raised on a farm so as any self respecting retired "farm boy" should do he went out and bought a tractor a few years ago.

He does use the tractor....he helped us clear our land when we bought our house (I even got a turn driving the tractor, but that's a subject for a different post), he helps his fellow church members when they need it, he helped my brother clear his land and when it snows he clears his neighborhood roads and neighbor's driveways!

The part I like best (and I think he does too) is that every year at Christmas time, he puts Christmas lights on the tractor and attaches a trailer laden with hay bales and decorations.  He hooks up his I-Pod (he's a techno grandpa) to large speakers (which are also attached to the trailer).  He waits until it is dark and you guessed it - we go for tractor / trailer rides.  He takes members from his church though out the neighborhood to see the Christmas lights and sing along to the Christmas music.  He also takes members from The Sons of Norway group that he and my Mom belong to and when we lived near my parents he also took out all the neighbor kids and their parents. 

Three separate trips on three separate nights, he doesn't charge and won't take donations (unless it is cookies or candy).  Everyone loves it, my kids most of all - after all it's Grandpa!  I can't wait for this year's ride!
The Christmas Tractor & Trailer.

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