Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Countdown to Christmas: Day 22

My house isn't properly decorated for Christmas until I pull out my snowman collection.  I have snowman ranging from small to large like the one above - he stands about 2 feet tall and greets people as they come into the house with various sayings like, "Come on in, it's cold outside!".  I am not sure how it happened but most of my snowmen decorate our main bathroom, I think the only place in our house that escapes the Christmas decorations is our master bedroom!

Snowman soap dispenser & toothbrush holder

Snowman night light

Snowman towels

One of my favorites - a snowman village, it also plays music

This little guy was found in the box of decorations from the in-laws

This was also from the in-laws, he is one of the oldest snowman I have

Sugar and Creamer set - a gift from my brother

Hallmark snowman, they play music and move around
One of the snowman from my ornament set
I forgot to take a photo of it, but my favorite coffee mug has snowmen on it as well!  My husband bought me a set of snowman ornaments for the Christmas tree three years ago, they now grace our tree every year.  I am not sure what it is about snowman that I enjoy so much, I know that my collection started by accident as many of them do.......I start out with just one or two pieces and the next thing I know I have a collection.  I bet that I am probably pretty easy to buy for at Christmas - I would rather have something to add to one of my "collections" instead of jewelry or other typical "girlie" stuff.  So if anyone is looking for a last minute Christmas idea for me, look in the Christmas decoration department and as a bonus everything is probably on sale now!

Merry Christmas!

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