Sunday, December 19, 2010

Countdown to Christmas: Day 19

A special thank you to my husband this Christmas season!  Last night he took us all on a Christmas excursion that was enjoyed by all.  Let me premise this to say that when I first met my husband some 18 years ago, he was kind of Bah Humbug on the whole Christmas experience, which needless to say has changed over the years!

So we all piled in the van about 6 pm and took a drive to a local church that was having a live nativity.  The kids and us got to pet the animals and see Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the Wise men.  On our way into the church we were greeted by the Innkeepers wife and we got to hear the story of Christmas from her perspective.  Upon entering the church we were greeted by the smells of fresh coffee, hot chocolate and cookies which were free for all.  My youngest also made a Christmas ornament which now resides on our tree.  In addition to all of that the church ladies had made and were giving away hats with sizes ranging from the smallest to the biggest.  We each took our time choosing the perfect hat!

After we left there we drove to James Street Estates, a retirement community in a manufactured home park.  Every year they decorate their homes and invite the community in for vehicle tours.  There are always many oohs and aahs when we take take the tour.  By the time we were done we were all hungry so my husband took us all out for Chinese food.   After dinner we took a final drive through our old neighborhood to see the Christmas lights.  On the way home we sang Christmas songs primarily lead by my youngest daughter, who had her own version of quite a few.  We did create a version of the 12 Days of Christmas that featured fast food......

Again, no photos for this post as my hubby took the photos and I have not gotten the camera from him to download the photos......

Merry Christmas!

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